Friday, May 2, 2014

Moving on to a New Adventure

My blog, Bed Rested Teacher, has moved to Hand Me Down Mom Genes. If you are not redirected automatically to the new location of the post, click here:

Thank you!
Thank you so much to all of Bed Rested Teacher's readers. It has been wonderful getting to share materials with both teachers and parents. Today, we will be starting a new adventure by moving to a newly designed Mom Blog.

During #UBP14, it was suggested that I make a change to either a teacher or kids blog; the 2 together was just too much. After much deliberation, I realized that a teacher blog just didn't fit my lifestyle anymore. I made the decision that I needed to transition to a "Mom blog." 

I considered keeping BRT and changing it's content over, but I felt that it would be too confusing for visitors. 

So today I present to you Hand-Me-Down Mom Genes. On this blog, I will be sharing kid crafts, holiday ideas, home decor, party ideas, and recipes (both kid and family friendly). I am most excited about sharing with you old recipes from my Mom and Grandma. I will be scanning in the actual hand-written recipes or cookbook pages that were used by my Mom/Grandma. 

Head on over to my new blog to find out more about why I made the move.  We would love to have you!